Fish 4 Directions Shirt

Next Level Tri Blend Gray ultra soft

**Please note** All garments are heathered

Tri blend shirts are the softest around, and this Next Level shirt is no exception, ultimate comfort is achieved with this option

This is a 4 Directions Brand original design shirt “FISH” by Little Shell artist Joshua


Fish play several different roles in our beliefs as Native Americans. Most important is probably the role as a staple food animal for many fishing tribes. Salmon, in particular, are a medicine animal for most of our brothers and sisters from the Northwestern tribes, and there are many rites and ceremonies that revolve around honoring the salmon. Other types of fish, like sturgeon and halibut, are similarly honored by our Native fishermen in other parts of North America including the Alaska Natives. Giant fish also appear in the stories of many tribes, and shapeshifting fish spirits who marry humans and teach them water power are also common. The Ojibwe generally associate fish with long life and wisdom.

Fish are commonly used as clan animals in our cultures. Some tribes with Fish Clans include the Ojibwe “Giigoonh”, the Creek “Hlahloalgi”, the Chickasaw, and the Ho-Chunk. Clans in other tribes are named after other types of fish, such as salmon, dogfish, and halibut, often carved on totem poles. Many eastern tribes, such as the Lenape, Caddo, and Iroquois, have Fish Dances among their traditions, and even the Hopi have a Fish kachina.


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