Shop LS 574 is Native American owned company serving the Little Shell Chippewa Tribe as well as all of Indian Country and its indigenous peoples.

Our mission is to provide quality products to folks interested in supporting and showing their Pride in the Little Shell Tribe and Native communities. We are able to help promote native artists by working with designers like Joshua and his 4 directions collection. Using funds from some of these collections we have conducted research to help design campaigns around awareness and support for issues such as Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Opioid and Drug Addiction and other behavioral health campaigns that help inform and educate Indian country properly.

Our products will promote the Little Shell People and will celebrate Native American Culture and Pride. From time to time you will experience a mix of Little Shell Products and general Native American Products. You may even see some sage and sweet grass. You might even see Bigfoot time to time as well as a Buffalo or 12. We thank you and are grateful for your support.